“Meet The Metal Me” by Zanilonia delivers zany fun!

How we are impacted by our childhood can vastly differ from one another. For some, a direct correlation exists as to who they grow up to be. Others don’t even remember those early years, having no impact whatsoever. David Zee was definitely impacted by his childhood. Growing up in Baltimore, MD he gravitated to the piano. Over the years, friends and home addresses changed. However, the company of pianos, synths and Wurlitzer always remained in his life. David mentions arriving late to the game of writing original music. Better late than never. Zanilonia is his baby and ‘Meet The Metal Me‘ is their new single.

Zanilonia’s new single exhibits lighthearted fun. Bouncing synth keys are the engine that drives the music. A plethora of synth sounds that come in and out of focus are played over a simple drum loop. With so many delicious synth sounds orbiting, a single note distorted guitar melody adds the perfect flair.

At the 1:41 minute mark, the song flips. Big pads pour in, and the song gets serious. David sings “as we greet revealing scenes, floating fields replace old dreams”. The somber feel continues throughout the bridge, ending with a life’s conundrum quote of “and the more we go forward, the less that we go back”.

Thanks to technology we as listeners reap the benefits of musicians being able to collaborate from afar. Zanilonia is a collaborative project. David handles a bulk of writing, but he also reaches out to others to add whatever elements the music needs.  His music is reminiscent of early 80’s hits like “Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo. Currently, Zanilonia is only releasing singles. As a listener I certainly enjoy the steady stream of singles from artists. If Zanilonia were to release an EP or LP, I would enjoy that too. We’ll have to wait and see.

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