Micheal Fordays Brings The Rock To ‘The Mind and Echoes’

Music can become a passion for many of us. But if you want to make a career out of it you must be willing to put in the work. The music business is not easy. Our friend Micheal Fordays has put in the time and work over the years to build a long career. His latest release The Mind And Echoes shows that hard work pays off. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, the veteran touring musician has been a staple of the alternative underground scene for years. Micheal Jensen (aka Micheal Fordays) has had the highs and lows of any seasoned musician. Playing everywhere from large theaters to tiny clubs and squats. But the experience of playing music every night for the joy and passion of it built up an array of talent and inspiration. 

This dedication and hard work ethic earned Micheal the nickname “Fordays.” All his solo material from that point on went under the name Micheal Fordays. Over the last decade, 4 albums have been released leading up to his 5th album The Mind And Echoes hitting shelves this month.

The seven songs on the record were all written by Micheal Fordays. He also provides the vocals, guitar and bass while Dave Klein (Agent Orange) helps out with Drums, Percussion and Organ. Opening up with “Slowly Now” sets the stage for an energetic listen reminiscent of the best days of alternative rock. The driving bassline and chugging guitar pushes us forward and gets the blood pumping. 

Micheal Fordays shows off his ‘Broken Wings’

The energy gets turned up even higher on “Broken Wings” with an even harder rock sound. The tempo kicks up as well. Heartbeats will be quickening as the listener dives in. Some fancy guitar licks and solos punctuate the track. With “High Point Now” there is a grooving backdrop set up for the soaring vocals of Micheal Fordays. Some true rock range is shown here. This one is a head bopper for sure. 

There is a perfect title for “Swirling In A Storm” as sound comes from all directions to whip up a sonic storm for your ears. The talent on each instrument is provided with real emotion. All heart and all power fueled alt-rock. Micheal Fordays closes the album with “Far From Our Lives.” A slowed down tempo lets the emotion pour through. The vocals are delivered with soul while a slightly dark rock sound sets the stage. 

Michael Fordays has delivered a stack of 3 minute songs that bring us back to the best of underground alt-rock without the need to push the pop envelope. If you yearn for that sound like I do, definitely dive in for a listen.

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