9Yards – The New Music Industry Is Ready For Instrumental Hip Hop

The music industry has been in a total changeover for the past 10 years.  The old model of record labels has been dissolved due to the changing of the times and the new world we are in.  Music has become social and spreads everywhere quickly even if it is not counted in record sales like it used to be.  The successful artists and labels of the future have to accept this and embrace it.  Our latest find in the label Re:Sample and their artist 9Yards seem to be on the right track.

9 Yards

The hip hop beatmaker 9Yards is originally from Kazakhstan but currently calls Canada home.  He has developed a unique style that calls in elements of West Coast rap, synthesizers, and electronica.  The feel is dark sometimes but catchy at every turn.  9Yards is currently working with Italian-American MC M-Dot and Russian rapper Valium on new tracks.

Last week Re:Sample released 9Yards latest Beat Tape Way Less Effort.  The 4 track EP is an instrumental piece that lays down some fresh music.  From the opener “Street Weight” and its simple piano beat building into a full fledged monster track ready for some big things.  The dark side is featured on “Still Remember (My Soldiers)” with its haunting beat pushed forward with a wide assortment of fills and samples.  The closer “Champion Theme” sets a hero’s tone that will have your head bopping uncontrollably.  Keep up with the fast paced world of the new instrumental hip hop scene at:

Find out more about the label Re:Sample at:

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