State Line Syndicate – The Pop Punk Scene Is Alive And Well

In today’s music world the idea of a “scene” is often lost as band members turn to social media and internet listening as opposed to getting out there and watching the shows and meeting people that enjoy the same styles of music as you do.  Another part that often gets forgotten is that by being a part of the music scene you know who plays what instrument and whose writing is similar to yours.  As some bands fall apart due to random circumstances, musicians with similar mindsets that are part of the scene have other friends to fall into a new band with and continue the enjoyment of writing and playing music. Luckily there still seems to be a local scene where our latest discovery State Line Syndicate calls home.

State Line Syndicate

Hailing from Los Angeles, California and the suburb of Sherman Oaks, State Line Syndicate is a group that came together at just the right time.  The pop punk band is made up of Makeshift Mike(ex-Makeshift) on guitar/vocals, Joe E(ex-Danny Blitz and High School Logic) on bass/vocals and Mikey Virgin(Jersey Trash) on Drums.  Their influences are heavy in the early pop punk stylings of Blink 182 and Weezer mixed in with some more modern bands like Gaslight Anthem and Alkaline Trio.

The songs of State Line Syndicate have been making the rounds and gaining them some attention.  The party is set free in the fast paced energy of “Sweet Tales Of Revenge”.  The sped up drum beat will have you bouncing along in no time.  The band shows a softer side on “Amor”, a mellow semi-love song that is led by a melodic guitar line.  They can go in all sorts of direction as heard on “The Distance”.  The softer opening gives way to a powerful in your face style that is very attention grabbing.  There is something here and we look forward to hearing more and a full album soon.  Keep up with the band at:

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