Afterbliss Leaves Us With ‘Remnants’

As music has expanded and splintered into toms of different genres, some groundbreaking bands are taking pieces from all over the genre spectrum and creating their own fresh sound. Our new discovery Afterbliss is one such band. They are putting it all on display with their latest single “Remnants.”

The project began when Ally Pender and Alex Burcea met within another band and found there was a special creative spark between the two of them. Songs started to come together and a search to fill out the band ensued. Soon Evan Cassidy – Lead Vocals, James O’ Gorman – Rhythm Guitar, and Shane Waldron – Bass Guitar were found and Atferbliss became a reality. Perhaps forming in the summer of 2019 at the start of a worldwide pandemic was not the ideal time. Instead of pouting the new band spent the first 18 months of their existence writing songs, recording demos, and shaping their sound. The result is a strong melodic rock sound with influence from such bands as Muse, The Editors, The Killers and Manic Street Preachers.

Enjoy ‘Remnants’ from Afterbliss

The newest release by Afterbliss is “Remnants.” Recorded in Dublin’s legendary Windmill Lane Studios with producer Alan Kelly, the band blends musical genres elegantly to create their own unique sound. The somewhat spooky opening soon give way to an energetic mesh of synth and a pulsating beat. Evan’s vocals pierce through with emotion to grab the listeners. The infectious chorus will surely have fans singling along. Each bandmember takes their turn highlighting their skill to provide an an energetic indie rock song that should rule the summer.

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