The Alessi Brothers Bring Us ‘Eden Roc’

The Alessi Brothers’ timeless melodies have remained ethereal in American popular music, and have grown even more beloved across the globe, garnering nearly 50 million listens and averaging 350K monthly listeners on Spotify. Take for instance their hit song “Seabird,” the gentle tune is a favorite of British born superstar Harry Styles, as he featured the track on his Apple Music “at home” playlist to endure the pandemic. “Seabird” was also used during the credits of Taika Waititi’s film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” and in the new comedy-drama series “Resident Alien”.

Additionally, their tune “Do You Feel It” was recently sampled by The xx on “Say Something Loving“. They are also an unabashed favorite of international supermodel, author, and actress Emily Ratajkowski.

The duo have just released their latest pop single, “I’m In Love,” which is the first single off the upcoming album “Eden Roc.” The Lennon-McCartney original was penned during The Beatles’ early days, but never recorded for official release. (The Fab Four recorded and released the track in 1963, but the tune remained in relative obscurity). 

Now, Billy and Bobby Alessi are polishing this hidden gem with the unique stylistic vocal harmonies they mastered as children. 

“When brothers harmonize there’s just something special about the blend,” Billy said.

These harmonies are joined by shimmering acoustic guitars that propel the track full steam ahead – the way John Lennon liked his rhythm guitars – and ripping electric leads that further excite the mix.

“I’m In Love” is by no means the Alessi Brothers’ first foray into the music of the Fab Four. They tackled the “Sgt. Pepper” cut “She’s Leaving Home” with their band Barnaby Bye and laid down a ukulele rendition of the rather fitting “Two Of Us.”

They also provided background vocals on the John Lennon and Yoko Ono album “Milk and Honey” and remixed Paul McCartney’s “No More Lonely Nights.”

Even as their songs “Seabird”, “Oh Lori,” “Put Away Your Love,” “Sad Songs,” and “All for a Reason” charted around the globe, The Alessi Brothers made a second career writing music for other world renowned artists – such as Peter Frampton, Frankie Valli and Olivia Newton John – just as Lennon and McCartney wrote hits for others to record.

Now, with their third full-length offering in four years, the brothers unveil a new batch of sweet harmonies on the uplifting “Suite” and the sleepless and uncertain “So Many Maybes.” “Don’t Bring Me Down” offers a cool breeze with an emotive saxophone accompanying piano and percussion and the pair also reflect on the strenuous past few years on “There’s A Chance” and the pandemic fueled anthem “We Will Survive.”

The Alessi Brothers’ follow-up to 2020’s “Netherland” solidifies Billy and Bobby’s legacy, a career built on great ears for a hook and a melody, exceptional vocals and well crafted songs that know no boundaries of time or place. Exceptional talent bringing you classic, original, ear candy.

Eden Roc Tracklist:

1: “Suite”

2: “Dreams Come True”

3: “We Will Survive”

4: “Sugar Plum”

5: “Don’t Bring Me Down”

6: “You Are The One”

7: “Little Wings”

8: “Always Love You”

9: “There’s A Chance”

10: “I’m In Love”

*Additional Tracks*

11: “Beautiful Day”

12: “So Many Maybes”

13: “The Best Part Of Me Is You”

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