The Sea At Midnight Watches The Waves on ‘Oceans’

Music is a very cyclical beast. As the years come and go styles and genres will continue to change but just as a sound is seemingly forgotten about it will return for a resurgence. We have seen this over and over again through the years. Our recent find The Sea At Midnight does it again with new EP Oceans.

The project out of Los Angeles is the brainchild of songwriter Vince Grant. Production help is brought in from Chris King of Cold Showers and Brandon Pierce of Glaare lends his talents with the drum programming. As The Sea At Midnight, they bring back elements of the shoegaze sound made famous by Joy Division and The Cure but add a modern sound. 

After the self-titled debut album by The Sea At Midnight made some waves back in November of 2020, the group has returned with new EP Oceans. The 4 track record continues their style with just the right amount of freshness. As it opens with the title track “Oceans” the programmed drums put the energy into our hearts. The smooth synth sound places that dark but cozy sound into the mix. The vocals are a little happier than previous shoegaze iterations, allowing all listeners to soak it in. 

‘Afraid Of The Waves’ by The Sea At Midnight

The solid drum programming continues on “Afraid Of The Waves”. An effects soaked guitar tone lets The Sea At Midnight explore their own sound by combining multiple elements. VInce Grant’s vocals are delivered with such emotion that we want to be part of helping him rise to safety. “Atmosphere” adds more of the classic sounds with a slightly darker vibe. This style will never die, and with the explorations, it will only get better.

The album closes with “I Can’t Wait”. This one leaves us with a happier note and an air of positivity. Good things are coming. The wait will not be much longer. Everything is coming together just fine.

You can find more from The Sea At Midnight here:

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