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Azucar Acida – Fun Panamanian Rock

The power of music is truly universal.  Even if the lyrics are in a language that  we can’t understand, good music is good music.  Indie Band Guru will continue to search the corners of world for great music.  Our latest find is a group called Azucar Acida.  

The Panamanian band plays a fun brand of pop rock that translates well to all ears.  It has not been long for Azucar Acida.  They have only been together since last year but have been blending very well.  The band is made up of Christian Collazos – Electric Guitar, Sergio Marucci – Bass, Jaime Rosales – Classic guitar, percussion and voice, Jonnathan Suarez – Keyboards, and Morritz Berroes – Drums.  

Enjoy The First Video By Azucar Acida Below


The first real recording by Azucar Acida is the song “El Blah Blah Blah Oficial”.   The track is a humorous take on arguments, simplifying the “I said this” and “you said that” with blah- blah-blah.  The straight rock feel with its grinding guitar melody is turned on its head by the elegantly fun lyrics.  The accompanying music video is just as fun and very well made for a band that is still in the early stages of their career.  We expect big things from Azucar Acida. Keep an eye on the band at:
The song “El Blah Blah Blah Oficial” is available on CD Baby HERE.

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