Bad Brains to re-issue Legendary album ‘I Against I’

The legendary Washington D.C. hardcore outfit Bad Brains is set to unleash a remastered reissue of their genre-bending classic,  I Against I, on July 26th, 2024.  This reissue marks the eighth release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. It will be available in vinyl, CD, and digital formats. 

Originally released in 1986 on SST Records, I Against I remains Bad Brains’ best-selling album and a landmark achievement in hardcore punk history.  The record fused the raw aggression of punk with elements of reggae, dub, and heavy metal, creating a sound that was both ferocious and undeniably catchy.  Tracks like the title track, “Re-Ignition,” and “House of Suffering” are anthems that continue to inspire generations of musicians and fans.

Unveiling the Raw Power Anew

This remastered edition promises to deliver I Against I with unparalleled clarity and power.  Mastered by the esteemed Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed on high-quality vinyl at Furnace Record Pressing, this reissue ensures that the album’s blistering energy and intricate musicianship will be experienced like never before.

More Than Just a Reissue

The reissue also boasts a special “Punk Note Edition” featuring alternative artwork from designer John Yates (Stealworks), as a nod to Reid Miles and Francis Wolff, and their amazing work at the Blue Note label. This limited-edition version offers a unique collector’s item for die-hard Bad Brains fans.

Vinyl Variants

Standard Black (available widely)

“Plutonium” Color (available widely) 

“Punk Note” Edition on Black vinyl (available widely) 

“Punk Note” Edition on Coke Bottle Clear ( exclusive) 

Exclusive vinyl variants are also available from Zia Records, Newbury Comics, Revolver,and Brooklyn Vegan.

Pre-order your copy of the I Against I reissue today and experience a punk rock masterpiece reborn!

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About Bad Brains:

Formed in Washington D.C. in the early 1980s, Bad Brains are widely considered one of the most influential hardcore punk bands of all time.  Their unique blend of musical styles and their politically and socially conscious lyrics made them a true force in the underground scene.  Despite numerous lineup changes and industry challenges, Bad Brains continue to tour and inspire new generations of musicians with their raw energy and uncompromising spirit.

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