Cardosia Street Lets ‘The River Inside Of Me’ Flow

Sometimes the greatest things come out of random happenings. Music is well known for this. Not just in inspiration but also in collaboration. Our recent discovery Cardosia Street is the result of some fun times that turned into some fun music and a fun album.

The River Inside of Me is a gentle breeze of a folk album, compiled by a group of friends and musicians, pouring their individual essences into one bubbling pot. The collaboration was put together quite randomly to celebrate the birthday of a beloved Scotty-dog. Over 9 days in Southwestern NY, they played, wrote, laughed and recorded until a full 18-track album materialized.

What makes this album so enchanting is the flavour each performer brings to the table. There are several voices that all hold different qualities and are explored throughout the songs. It makes the listening experience exciting. You’re never sure which voice you’re to be met with. As the next introduction begins, you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the first word. 

But it’s not all about the vocal performance. The instrumentation has its space to shine, keeping most of the track simplistic in layers but complex in melody. 

The opening track “Split Personality” lets you know what you’re in for. It’s an emotional introduction to the tone of the album, the singer expressing her inner torment between two sides of her personality. 

Should I work harder or should I let myself enjoy the ride? A question many of us have wrestled with for our whole lives. The answer? Who knows. 

Take A Dip With Cardosia Street

“The River Inside of Me,” the title track, again focuses on complicated human emotions that we keep under the surface. An internal storm that we have to weather alone. Although it’s raining on us, others might be enjoying the sunshine. 

Don’t come away from this review thinking Cardosia Street is all emotion, no fun, however. There are moments of lightheartedness, whether found in an instrumental track–I’m looking at you “Turtle Soup,” or in songs like “We’re All In This Thing Together.” 

The cover of the Stealers Wheel jam “Stuck In The Middle With You” offers a needed reprieve amongst the heavier topics. 

The River Inside of Me is a hearty folk album that tackles the dark and light of being human as well as exhibiting polished and passionate musicianship throughout. 

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