David Anthony Zee Truly ‘Can’t Sit Still’

There will always be something to be said about sticking with a craft for years. When there is a passion for something, keep doing it. Your skills, talent, and experience will continue to grow. Combine that with the strength to do your own thing and not conform to what ‘the masses’ want and you will develop a style that is all your own. This is exemplified perfectly by our friend David Anthony Zee.

Music, and an ingrown talent for it, were discovered at an early age. With his parents’ support and encouragement David Anthony Zee began his lifelong journey in music. From Rock bands, to Folk Trios, to cover bands, to retro soul, to being a constant solo performer, playing music has always been a part of David’s life. 

Now some 25 years after originally recorded, David Anthony Zee has remastered and re-released his album Can’t Sit Still (Remastered). The 9-track record shows off the wide range of styles that have been meshed together to become the signature David Zee sound. 

We open with the peppy piano notes of “Absolutely Baby” and its energetic bluesy vibe. David Anthony Zee jumps right in and brings us along for the ride. Skills on the piano are very evident including a nice solo. The fun has just begun. 

Get Moving With David Anthony Zee

The title track “Can’t Sit Still” gets the groove moving with a bassline that will demand some toe tapping. There is a live feel that comes through the speakers putting us in a smoky club with some cocktails ready to have a good time. The picture is clear in my mind as the song creeps into my endorphin releasing mind. “What You Got” goes a little more into the rock vibe but the fun remains strong. The group chorus will welcome us all to sing along. 

The soul comes out on “Luray Day” along with some horns to give it a little New Orleans touch. The vocals of David Anthony Zee here are some of his best. He uses his voice as an instrument rising up and down with the feel and energy of the song. 

The album closes with an ode to his ex-wife “See You Soon (For Ashley)” The slowed down tempo and vocal inflection shows off real emotion. I get a hint of a Ben Folds influence here. Just elegant piano and strong vocals give us all the feels.

Dive into more info and music from David Anthony Zee on his WEBSITE.

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