Barsheem – Smooth Crooner With A Message

Every artist with a real drive for success must accept their influencers and work hard to use what helped those artist become popular for their own goals.  Being a carbon copy does not work though.  You must be original and add meaning and feeling to your music to attract long lasting fans.  We recently discovered Barsheem who fits this mold.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Barsheem has developed into an accomplished singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer.  It started early for him as he grew up in a home filled with the sounds of Motown.  Upon first hearing Barsheem wanted to immediately learn every lyric and harmony so he could since with his sister.  His influences consists of such artists as  Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Tony Bennett, Prince and Michael Jackson to name a few.  Barsheem has showed the drive and dedication of these artists as well even picking up and moving across the country to Los Angeles for opportunities to further his career.

One of our favorite things about Barsheem is his bravery to speak his mind and push for progress.  His latest track “(White World Black World) FInd Happy” focuses on a racial equality and the pursuit of happiness.  There is no hatred here just positivity and a call for brotherhood.  The smooth vocal delivery of Barsheem has the tone of the classic crooners with a modern twist.  The soulful background sounds add another level to the song while staying deep enough to keep the focus on the poignant lyrics.  This is a song everyone should hear and an artist you should keep an eye on.  Find more at:

and hear the song here:

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