Fellowcraft – Raw Rock Energy Begins Its Journey

Through the goodness of the internet and home production a band is now able to release music to the masses almost as soon as they finish recording it.  The fans now expect music to come fast and furious and it is imperative to keep them interested.  A new band we discovered, Fellowcraft, seems to be on the right track with this.

The rock group based out of Washington, DC mixes their own signature sound made up of metal, noise rock, and blues.  The main principle of Fellowcraft though is that Rock and Roll should be fun and loud.  This attitude seems to flow through to their energetic live shows and creates a synergy with the crowd.

Last week Fellowcraft started up the engine and released a couple songs to the masses through iTunes, Amazon, Google, and the rest of the usual channels.  The first track “Learning To Love Again” has a raw feel that mixes all their influences into one big melting pot.  The vocals have a blues edge to them which draws in the listener.  The next song “Long Gone” is a more mellowed out track with a warm groove and sweet guitar thrown in to bring out the funk.  This is a great start for Fellow craft and we are excited to see where they go from here.  Keep up with the project at:

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