Becka Pimenta – Finding The Right Partners To Make Great Music

A true artist must realize that i is extremely hard to do it on your own.  Be willing to work with others to expand your talent and use their talents to advance your career.  Never think that you have all the answers.  Our latest find Becka Pimenta has made the right connections and seems to be on her way.

Becka Pimenta

The singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom has been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic and meeting the right people along the way.  Becka Pimenta has been all over the world working with some of the hottest producers and songwriters out there today including Roy Hamilton (Michael Jackson / Justin Timberlake), Mark Batson (Alicia Keys), Art And Life (Beyonce), Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac / Colbie Caillat), and musical duo A-Rex (Justin Bieber) to name but a few.

Last month Becka Pimenta released the song and music video for “Ruined”.  It touches on many genres that Becka seems to be able to jump in and out of.  The electronic drum beat gives it energy while her sultry vocals and heartfelt delivery make it a very pretty song.  The video is dark and minimalistic but gets the point and the song across very well.  Enjoy it below:

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