Billy Grima – Talented Songwriter Is At It Again

It is often tough to find inspiration to write a good song.  Coming up with ideas can evade even the best songwriters from time to time.  A talented writer is able to take pieces of everyday life and seemingly small realities and turn them into relatable music.  One such artist is our recent find Billy Grima.

Billy Grima

Originally from Blacktown, NSW Australia the singer/songwriter moved to Canada in his teen years and is now based in the Caledon Hills of Ontario.  Billy Grima’s musical love affair started early in life and he was singing in the church choir at the age of 8.  He continued to grow and took his inspiration from the classics such as Billy Joel, Jim Croce, James Taylor and Bob Dylan.  With two albums already under his belt, Billy is still striving to share his melodies with the world.

The newest release from Billy Grima is the full length Sugar & Cream.  The 10 track record blends some pop. soul. americana, and even some rock to show off Billy’s talents.  The album opener and lead single “Pleasure To Have Met You” is an energetic song that will get your heart pumping pretty quickly through the guitar skills and vocal energy.  There is some real emotion on “I Miss You Baby”.  The slowed down track will mellow your soul as you feel the story told.  The 80’s rock feel is heard on “Living The Dream” with its impressive vocal harmonies and touching lyrics.  The title track “Sugar & Cream” is a beautifully told story that shows what songwriting can be.  The nice piano fills bring another level to this one.  There are some truly enjoyable tracks here.  Go get a taste of Billy Grima for yourself at:


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