C.K. Flach Shares Raw Emotion on Empty Mansions

For a songwriter to be successful they must be able to find inspiration everywhere. It is not always these deep underground feelings that have to be shared. There is plenty of things happening in the world every day that needs a song to make them digestible and even make the difficult situations interesting to connect with. Our latest find C.K. Flach has mastered this and pours life into each song.

The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist was born and raised in Albany, New York. C.K. Flach started drumming at age 10 and picked up some guitar chords in his teens on a service trip to Cambodia. Words and poetry were always one of his strong points as well. Writing songs became an insatiable hobby. Flach formed his first band, The Kindness, in 2012 with his brother and best friend. This pushed his love for music to even greater heights. He wrote aggressively and The Kindness released an independent EP in 2015.

With his music, C.K. Flach is determined to make a difference. He says “I think music is the strongest medium we have to share ideas, feelings, and views. And what I hope for is that whoever listens to my music can take something away with them. Be it a thought, feeling, idea or inspiration.”

In 2016, Flach began to focus more on his solo work and started a new project in the spare room of his apartment. This passion consumed him and he put in nearly all the writing, singing, instrumentals, and recording towards the goal of the album that would become known as Empty Mansions. The 10 track record consists of 9 songs and a poem to speak of modern day issues such as politics, racism, division, and corruption by telling stories of love, loss, heartache and salvation.

C.K. Flach Prepares To Let us All In To His Mind

The opener “Lazarus” starts with a bang as a full sound fills the speakers. The vocals pour out emotion as the bass groove drags the listener along with the echoing guitar painting the backdrop. The full soundscape continues on “Boxcar Dreaming” complete with female backing vocals, pretty piano, and an arena feel to the song.


The repeating melody of “Munich” dives deep to ease your mind into a sort of trance. C.K. Flach has you at his mercy as he shares his story through the over 5 and a half minute song.

There is a more Americana tone to “The Officer” as a simple melody moves the track forward while Flach speaks to the microphone more than sings. There is some nice guitar work in a quick solo here showing another element of the talented artist.

The title track “Empty Mansions” is a big song with pretty production that puts it on a pedestal. The emotion returns as deep thoughts are shared in Flach’s unique vocal tone demanding the listener to listen intently to what he wants to share. Many instruments come together here in an elegant way.

The album closes with the spoken word piece “Firmament”. The empty room production adds to the feel as we are focused on each word worried about missing the meaning of what C. K. Flach is trying to tell us. This album is for a full deep listen.

Get the full treatment at his WEBSITE and enter his world where all are welcome to think and feel.

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