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Cam Rostami Is Making Sure ‘Kids Get Paid”

For an artist with multiple talents, there is no reason to stay within the box that the mainstream Arts industry pushes us towards. Having the ability to create something different and fresh will grab attention. Music fans are always looking for something new and it seems like our recent discovery Cam Rostami has just the thing for them.

The emerging artist began his career as a child actor. This gave Cam Rostami an inside look into how the entertainment industry works. He soon learned how to play piano and guitar and would write music to go along with his films. The passion for music only grew and Cam would move to Los Angeles to immerse himself in the scene. 

Here Cam Rostami developed his own unique sound. Meshing multiple genres with an indie rock feel has garnered him a slew of fans gobbling up his emotion-fueled sound. Comparisons have been made to alternative pop artists such as Joji, Grimes, and Local Natives. The scene is growing and Cam Rostami is on pace to be a major part of it.

The latest single “Kids Get Paid” by Cam Rostami is the next step in his growth. The fresh yet nostalgic track hits hard with a catchy energy that draws you in. The jangly guitar pairs with excellent electronic production to fill the full soundscape. The fun vocal delivery of Cam has an intoxicating style that just pulls the listener into his spell. 

The accompanying music video is just as fun including umbrella hats and jumping around a bounce house. This will be a fun ride for us all.

Keep up with more from Cam Rostami on his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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