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Cello/Phn Premieres “Do It” with IndieBandGuru

Here at Indie Band Guru we make it a habit of keeping up with what is coming up from our favorite independent artists that we have featured. After seeing so much music cross our desk, we are very aware when something unique is happening. Our friend Cello/Phn (who we covered HERE in the past), has allowed us to Premiere his newest single “Do It”.

Growing up in New Orleans among a diverse music scene allowed Cello/Phn to hear all different genres and styles of music. As his songwriting developed he found a way to include a wide array of sounds into his own unique flavor. Through any track you can experience soul, rock, R&B, hip-hop, psychedelic, and experimental sounds. This is the future.

Today Cello/Phn releases “Do It” to the world here at IndieBandGuru. The powerful first single off his upcoming What Happened To Monday EP set for release on December 21st, 2020. The future beats and imagination of the song grab you right from the beginning. Something different is happening here that demands attention. 

With the coming EP seeming a little mellow in his friends eyes, Cello/Phn turned up the energy to bring this banger about. In his words “Do It”, in its essence, is about just doing it, whatever it may be, whoever it is, or however it may get done. It was created out just letting go and having fun.” 

Rising rapper GodIsMikey was brought in to add another layer to the track. The flows reach into your soul as the eclectic sound storm attacks from every angle. “Do It” demands multiple listens to take it all in. We will be spinning this on repeat as we wait impatiently for the new EP.

Stay on top of the rising star on Instagram at @CellowPhane and @WhatHappened2Monday

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