Chase Enriquez – Varied Experiences Leads To A Style All His Own

It always seems to be a great help to a musician’s career to get around and experience other parts of the country and the different music scenes they present.  Limiting yourself to one scene can severely hold back your true creativity and the influences needed to push that creativity.  Take a piece of everything you hear and mold it into your own personal sound.  A good example is our latest find Chase Enriquez.

The singer songwriter now based in Los Angeles blends the lyricism of classic Hip Hop with the raw energy of Rock music’s yesteryear.  Chase claims such diverse influences as Jay-Z, Guns N’ Roses, Nas, and Led Zeppelin.  As his career was gaining momentum he perused the local scenes of San Diego, Chicago, and Atlanta collaborating with others and taking the best parts of each to brand his own genre.   Chase Enriquez even had a stint as front man for a heavy metal band.  There is no pigeonholing this man.

The most recent album is the Tell Me Why single which is available through most digital music sites such as iTunes, and Amazon.  The song is a culmination of Chase’s experiences featuring a musical style that borrows from all of his past.  It is sweet and strong at the same time.  Enjoy the music video below:

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