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Chaz Hearne – Adding Energy Makes For A Fresh Take On An Old Genre

There are many standard genres of music out there that people expect to hear the same old style time after time.  To really grab fans you need to take a style and truly make it your own.  It does not need to fit into any little box but instead should take pieces from different genres that stand out to you and become personal.  Our recent find Chaz Hearne seems to have brought his own innovative style to a long established genre.

The Chicago, Illinois native can be classified as a folk musician but there is much more to Chaz Hearne than that.  He manages to mix in intricate fingerpicked acoustic numbers to all-out rock anthems.  There is an enthusiasm in the music that shows a true passion for the medium.  

Earlier this year was the release of his debut full length album The Legend Of Core Dynamo.  The 10 track record is a politically themed concept album that follows a narrator’s search for the incorruptible “superhero” politician.  The opener “MY MG” is a mellow yet intricate track that shows some true guitar and banjo talent while a full assortment of sound fills the sonic space.  “The Legend” has a rock vibe to it as it chugs along picking up energy along the way still remaining somewhat subdued throughout until the climax in the last minute of the song.  There is a beauty to “Covered In Blue” with the minimalism of a perfectly picked guitar/banjo and an emotional vocal delivery.  Enjoy a live video of the song here:


The title track “Core Dynamo” seems to tie everything together with a pretty melody that transforms through the full spectrum of Chaz Hearne’s musical styles.  This is a world that any music lover should enter.  Find more info and music check out: 

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