Chris Walsh Takes Us To Soulful Americana

As a songwriter, we all hope to create our own unique sound and style. We are all true individuals so this should not be difficult. Far too many artists try to just copy what has worked in the past with no truly personal soul tied into their music. Our recent find Chris Walsh has poured every ounce of himself into his exclusive Soulful Americana brand.

The singer-songwriter was raised in the Bourbon capital of the world, Bardstown, Kentucky. Chris Walsh has taken this personal upbringing and transformed it into his own style that bears a truly authentic experience from a middle American. He has coined it ‘soulful Americana’. It is smooth, subtle, and undeniably Southern but with an edge that makes it distinct. The charisma of Walsh is undeniable as well. He has a way of drawing you into his songs and caring for the outcome of the story.

In his “day job” Chris Walsh is an educator. His professional life has been devoted to teaching others. You can hear that in his music as well. His career has evolved from High School Social Studies teacher to Associate Dean at Spalding University. He is able to share these experiences in his songwriting and the parallels within.

On August 18th, 2017 we will see the release of his full-length album Ballad Of A Middle American.  The 13 song independent record is as catchy as it is thought-provoking.



On the opener “The Long Way Back From Roswell”, Chris Walsh lays down the gauntlet with a fetching track complete with big chorus and fun guitar work. This will be a fun ride. The tone is turned deeper on “Disappear Me”. The bassline leads the way while the full sonic space is filled with a wall of sound including organs and guitar solos.

Chris Walsh can really pour out his heart too as heard on “Living With The Ghost”. His education shows through as well with his intriguing way with words. No feelings are held back in this soulful Americana. This continues on “Long Time Love”. The song leads with a ballad piano sound but transforms into a bouncy folk number with a touch of country influences. These are songs that force you to pay attention to the lyrics to see where the story will end.

On “In Silence”, Chris Walsh slows it down with a pretty melody underneath his poetic storytelling lyrics. He paints a picture that puts us right there with him.

The album closes with “When I Lost A Friend”. This is a song that speaks to someone who has passed and Chris’ pain and memories of times with him. The therapeutic lyrics allowed the songwriter to truly connect with not only the lost friend but with the listener as well.

Until the end of July, you can get a free download of some songs from the upcoming album on his website Dive in and keep a look out for the full Ballad Of A Middle American on August 18th.

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