Remember Jones Puts Live Energy Onto Record

There are few things as exciting as experiencing music in a live setting. The energy creeps right from the stage into the crowd when a band is willing to connect and put on a musical spectacle. Our recent find Remember Jones is very aware of this and always finds a way to put on an amazing show.

The Asbury Park, New Jersey based singer and band leader, also known as, Anthony D’Amato, is a master showman that pours every ounce of energy he can muster into creating music that provides an unforgettable experience. D’Amato also considers himself a master-storyteller. He takes the listener away to a separate world where he is the leader and everyone focuses intently on the power within.

The Remember Jones sound is rooted in the pop-soul genre of yesteryear. A time when the full crowd would be singing and dancing along. He is able to recreate that in a way that is not seen too often today. Live For Live Music has said of the band “Fiercely passionate frontman… one for the ages… holds the audience in the palm of his hand…” And the swell is still growing.

To try and share the live experience on record, Remember Jones came up with a clever way to record their debut. With the help of $19,000 raised by over 300 supporters in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign the band recorded “Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones!”. A 25 piece band was used and the album was taped in front of a live audience of 500 people. The live feel transferred right onto the album.

Now, Remember Jones is back with a highly anticipated follow up EP titled Tranquilizer!  The 5 track record was recorded at The Bomb Shelter studios in Nashville, Tennessee. To keep the live feel the EP was recorded analog, all completely to tape – no computers, no autotune, nothing digital.



The opening title track “Tranquilizer” sets the vibe with a high octane sound and a full 15 piece band. Your ass will be shaking just Remember Jones demands. The dancing continues on the  R&B influenced “You Got That Somethin’”. The female vocals offer a sultry yet powerful effect that keeps the party going.

More of a rock tone is felt on “Don’t Put Me On Hold”. The pounding drumbeat pushes the track forward with an energetic and gravelly vocal lead giving it a real soul feel. There is no way to stand still while Remember Jones is on.  

For the closer “Why Don’t They Cry?” the band is stripped down and slowed down for a sensual ballad that reaches right into your chest and grabs the heart. This is how music once was and how music needs to be. Come live the past with a modern flair on Tranquilizer! and follow Remember Jones on their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.

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