Crooked Eye Tommy Bends The Rules Of Blues

The beauty of music is the fact that you can take it in any direction you want.  There is no need to stay strictly within one style.  Experimentation and creativity are the keys to making something that will stand the test of time.  We recently came across the music of Crooked Eye Tommy which strays from the traditions to create something truly original.

The Ventura County, California based group is made up of the brothers Tommy and Paddy Marsh.  After years apart and a wealth of completely different life experiences, they have come back together to form Crooked Eye Tommy.  The name is a playful take on Tommy’s trademark lazy eye.  

The sound that the duo has developed is heavily based in the Blues but they add major elements from Southern Rock, Country, Jam Band, and Latin Rock.  This has allowed Crooked Eye Tommy to separate from the masses of traditional Blues bands and carve out a niche that is all their own.  

The critics are starting to recognize the sound as well.  Crooked Eye Tommy was named Best Blues Band at the 2015 Ventura County Music Awards.  The band has been busy as well, playing over 120 shows throughout the region.  They are now ready to expand their reach and play in front of new audiences.  

To introduce the Crooked Eye Tommy sound they have released their debut record Butterflies & Snakes.  The 11 track record runs the full gamut of the Blues and the offshoots the duo have taken to.  The record opens with the introduction song “Crooked Eye Tommy”.  Right away the listener is made aware that there are many touches to this band.  The horns mixed with true storytelling adds an element for the audience to dive right in.  There is a freewheeling style to “Time Will Tell” as the music is playful with some Jam Band flavor and the lyrics dive into the duality of humanity.  They cover both sides of the coin with some fancy guitar work by each member.  Crooked Eye Tommy show they can stick to the raw Blues as well with “Somebody’s Gotta Pay”.  This is real Blues at its best.  

There is a romantic and truly emotional tone on “Over And Over” as the slowed down track lets the instruments wash over the listener in a sultry way.  The energy is picked up with “Come On In”, a more rocking track with distorted guitars leading the way through a somewhat dark story.  It does welcome everyone to come on in to Crooked Eye Tommy’s very interesting world.

You can preview and buy the record on iTunes.

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