D2UR Proves The Never ‘Wasted Time’

There is something special about a band that can keep writing solid songs one after another. It is uncountable to list how many bands have one great hit but then disappear in the crowd when it comes time for a follow up that keeps the fans engaged. It is not an easy thing to do. Do not get me wrong. But our friends from D2UR have somehow had a streak of fire this year single after single. The latest one to hit is “Wasted Time” released on March 4th.

The Canadian pop-rock has been working together since the early 1990s building not only a catalog of great songs but the skills and fortitude to keep pushing forward through thick and thin. Throw in the fact that D2UR is led by Mike and Diane Isbister who happen to be a married couple. The passion for music has kept both them and the band together for the long haul.

The latest single “Wasted Time” has been around quite a long time as well. D2UR says they have been refining the song for 25 years. Now they are finally ready to share it with the world. The time they put into this one was definitely not wasted.

Daine lets her vocals loose from the very first note of the song. The track builds around her with instruments coming in with pure power. The signature sound of D2UR is alive and well. The lyrics have changed through the years but the emotion and passion put into each word is undeniable. 

For example In the breakdown Diane sings:

Seeking attention, looking for perfection

Never satisfied

Crazy intentions, lies and deception

Just Wasted Time

Each syllable blended perfectly with the pounding beat and driving rhythm set aside for just a moment to let the words truly hit the mark with the listener. The power returns quickly to “Wasted Time” to keep the rock vibe going. Powerful songwriting that only comes after years of work are put in. D2UR has always been willing to put in that work. 

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