Danny Baxley is Ready To Save Us With Music Too

“Music saved my life”. This has been heard over and over again. It seems very fake when most people say it but in the life of songwriter Danny Baxley it is nothing but true. We recently introduced his single ‘Ithaca” to our readers HERE. Baxley is back with a full album now due for release on July 14, 2017.

The story started back in his teenage years when Danny Baxley taught himself to play guitar and started writing his own songs. The talent was obvious immediately. Music became a huge part of his life and an escape from a dysfunctional household.

After college, real life got in the way and Danny Baxley put his music aside. A string of 9 to 5 jobs, including working in IT, did not satisfy his creativity. A mental and emotional breakdown was only a matter of time, and it happened.  

Luckily, after some hospital time, Danny found a guitar and wrote his first song in years. The passion returned quickly and lyrics and music began pouring out of him again. He was pulled from his depths and moved to Boston, Massachusetts to restart his life. It has been going quite well since then.

This coming July 14th, Danny Baxley will release his new full-length album Love Sex Alcohol.  The 10 track record blends a wide variety of genre influences with nothing limiting Danny’s creativity. It is about being who you are and not being afraid to express yourself and how you feel.

The opener “Trials And Errors Of A Troubled Mind” sets the tone with a raw feel welcoming you into something quite fresh and different.



The lead single “Ithaca” blends a straight guitar groove with ambient synth sounds interrupted with an almost angry sounding attack of noise. In the vocals, you can hear his heart and soul being shared right through your speakers.

Then there is “Gnaw Goes The Wolf” which presents a pretty melody that seems to come from a lullaby. As you dig deeper in the lyrics there are some real teeth to the thoughts of Danny Baxley. The title track “Love Sex Alcohol” has a fun almost carnival feel at the start. As more sounds and noises are added in it becomes a full soundscape that seems to come at you from all angles.

On “I Am” there is a highly electro vibe. The dark power led me to some interesting inspirations from Nine Inch Nails to New Order. There is a lot to hear here. The record closes with “Hey A” bringing the vocals of Danny Baxley back to the forefront with their sweet yet tortured tone. He is here to lead you to a better place, just hold on tight.

You can follow more of the Danny Baxley journey on his WEBSITE.

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