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Kate Grom – “Whistle Cry” Beautifully Inspires

Kate Grom came to a point of crossroads, where she was torn between reason and her heart. The songwriter spontaneously travelled to France to find herself and create her own musical sound with just her voice and an acoustic guitar.

Her journey’s inspirations are embodied in her debut album, Heroine. Based on the quote, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim,” Kate Grom sings of free independence. Her song “Whistle Cry” perfectly resembles such strength, featuring sounds from country and folk genres that make it beautifully nostalgic and inspiring.

“Whistle Cry” shows no weakness or crying

“Whistle Cry” is haunting while it tells the story of a woman gaining her power back within a relationship. Grom’s voice is dreamy and mesmerizing, containing a compelling freedom that she encourages others to have.

Her hypnotizing voice sings, “I was withered and worn / I was shuttered and sworn / until I heard that whistle cry for me / The sound of freedom was stronger than you could ever be.”

The whistle cry represents a call towards the open land – one in which Kate Grom can ride with her horses and breathe in the fresh air and wind. The artist’s carefree, joyful demeanor in the music video’s light leaves a lasting impression, just like her music does to its listeners.

Similarly, Grom herself contains an inspiring joy that is evident in her songs’ confidence and passion. Just like “Whistle Cry” narrates a woman empowering herself after a difficult past, it is easy to see that Grom has done the same.

In a world burdened with the challenge of gaining self-confidence and embracing one’s true identity, Grom spreads light and positivity with her uplifting sound. Her movement towards self-confidence is powerful and praiseworthy, as “Whistle Cry” boldly encourages one’s inner strength to be made known.

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