Danny Everitt Is Still Dreaming Big

The world of the music is known for coming full circle. Often where we start we end up coming back to in some sort of strange twist of fate. Our recent discovery, Danny Everitt, has allowed his music to be his guide through a journey that has taken him across the United States, Canada, and Europe, and eventually back home.

The veteran singer-songwriter originally hails for Victoria, Texas. Music was an early dream for Danny Everitt. His first professional gig was at a local restaurant/bar right out of high school. The music passion grabbed him tightly and Danny launched a career in the Austin nightclub scene. He soon moved to another hotbed, “Music City”, Nashville, Tennessee. That great music scene provided great opportunities for the young dreamer. Everitt hooked up with Buddy Lee Attractions and hit the road traveling across the U.S. picking up even more stories and musical inspiration.

Always wanting to be at the forefront, Everitt eventually returned to his home state of Texas, fell into a thriving live music scene in Houston and continued to grow. These days he is gigging more than ever and sharing his musical storytelling and enjoying a solid reputation as an award-winning singer-songwriter.

The most recent result of this well-traveled musical journey is his new album Dream Big.  The 11-tracks are a collection of the most ambitious songs Danny Everitt has written to date. It all begins with the title song “Dream Big” that was co-written with Shake Russell. It is a high-energy track propelled by a steady backbeat punctuated with raucous guitars, a Hammond organ and thoughtful lyrics with a mission…gratitude and optimism.

The amazing songwriting skill of Danny Everitt is featured on the infectious “Get The Hook”. The lyrics draw the listener into a crazy and funny story about getting what you wish for while the rocking beat peppered with keyboards puts a bop in your head as you get to the hook of the chorus. Supposedly, Danny wrote the song on the spot as he showed up for a song-writing session with Terry Wilson in Los Angeles not quite prepared with anything new to offer his longtime collaborator/producer. 

Some diversity is shown on the Mexican flavored “Rosalie” with its tantalizing melody and tale of unrequited love. “She Don’t Mess With My Buzz” turns up the dial to a bluesy rocker complete with outstanding female backing vocals. We are turned on to Country Blues with “Is There Anymore Gold”. This is spirited songwriting from a master of many genres.

Big Dream comes to a close with “Love Is For All Times”. This simple ballad, previously released more than a half dozen times by other artists, is perhaps my favorite track from the record. The heartfelt vocal style is perfect for the voice of Danny Everitt. It is one of those songs that allows you to sit back in your chair and take in all the beauty and emotion this songwriter has to offer. The dream is far from over.

Enjoy more of the journey of Danny Everitt on his WEBSITE.

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