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David Vaters Is Ready To Shine With Volume One

We all want to strive for perfection right? We twist and tinker with our art relentlessly in the hopes of creating this perfect product that no one can disagree with. This is useless and will only hinder our efforts. Get out there and share what you have with the world. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised by the reaction. The story of David Vaters should provide some needed inspiration as well.

The singer and songwriter has been in the game for years but always seemed to stay in the background searching for perfection. Born in Canada and now in Tennessee, David Vaters put in the time and made the connections. He has worked and collaborated with some well-known musicians and producers in Canada, the UK, and the US including Henri Spinetti (Eric Clapton, Tina Turner), Dave Markee (Eric Clapton) Skip Procop (Lighthouse) and Norman Barrett (Paul Young. Larry Norman, Cliff Richard) and Dan Cutrona (Joe Cocker, Bee Gees).

Doing this gained David Vaters an amazing amount of experience and technical skill that he has finally readied himself to launch a solo career. The musical passion could no longer stay in the background.

This first solo effort is A Voice In The Wilderness Volume One. The 9 track record features an impressive roster of well-known players such as Tom Hemby (Vince Gill, Michael McDonald) Kenny Loggins) on guitars and mandolin, John Hammond (Amy Grant, Vince Gill)  and Brian Fullen (Peter Frampton) on drums and percussion and Jeff Cox (Trisha Yearwood) on Bass, among many others. David Vaters co-produced the entire album as well.

The album opens with “Let It Rain”. A minimalistic build up lets the focus be on David’s sweet vocals and pretty production. As the song hits its climax you may find yourself standing up and singing along.



On “8 Ways From Sunday”, David Vaters shows the emotion he puts into a song. Here we get a look at a love from the other side. The appreciation of receiving love from a significant other is the basis. True love from both angles.

There is beauty throughout the album with its Christian themes shining through without being too overt to the mainstream listener. Tracks such as “Brighter Than The Stars”, “This Cross”, and “God Help Me Out” can be appreciated by all lovers of music.

Go give the record a listen for yourself on BANDCAMP or learn more about David Vaters on his WEBSITE.

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