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‘Desert Heat’ Heats Things Up For the Michigan Rattlers

‘Desert Heat,’ A New Single

‘Desert Heat’ is a new release from the band Michigan Rattlers. Michigan Rattlers is a genuine rock band, and ‘Desert Heat’ fuses the vintage use of the guitar with pop-style catchy lyrics. Michigan Rattlers evokes imagery of The Eagles and Alabama. The band combines classic rock with their own signature folk-style.

The band was formed through a deep trust and shared passion for rock between the members. As one can imagine from the title, the birthplace of the band was Michigan. Indeed, it is not hard to notice the Northern folk style of Michigan Rattlers. It may be slightly hidden under the sound of classic rock, but folk still serves as the heartbeat for ‘Desert Heat.’

Graham Young’s vocals are rustic. They reverberate across ‘Desert Heat’  in a way that matches his guitar. Adam Reed gives the song a heartbeat with his vocals and use of the upright bass. Christian Wilder on the piano gives the song an almost jazz sound, melding jazz, rock, and pop, expertly. However, it is Tony Audia on the drums that really gives the song the element of classic rock.

‘Desert Heat’ is a song that tells the story of a feeling. The song is the feeling of overwhelming freedom. ‘Desert Heat’ is the story of moving out of a small town and into the rest of the world. It’s lyrics examine the reality of trying to find your way in the world before even knowing who you are and what kind of space you occupy.

The song is both contemplative and tremendously hopeful. ‘Desert Heat’ carries all the excitement of moving away from home after years of never leaving. ‘Desert Heat’ is the perfect song to listen to in your car with the window down while driving down a country road in the summertime.

It is rare that we see a rock song that so eloquently melds together with folk while also fitting into the modern pop scene. ‘Desert Heat’ is one of those songs. ‘Desert Heat’ is a new single by Michigan Rattlers. Their single is out today. 

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