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Entre-P – Hard Work Pays Off With A Strong Mixtape

If a person has a true love for the music industry and a super work ethic they will eventually find a place where success is right there waiting for them.  It is rarely easy but those that fight through the struggles will be rewarded for their passion.  A great example is our latest find Entre-P.

The southern California hip hop entrepreneur has had the love for the game for as long as he can remember.  Entre-P began on the business side running his family’s liquor store but always having hip hop on his mind.  He hooked up with talented rapper TIMZ to hustle his way to local stardom as an independent record label owner.  The 6 foot 2 inch, 350 pound man could not hide in the shadows for long though and discovered his talent for writing great lyrics before long.  Putting the hard work and hustle into his own career he has made a name for himself and is on the verge of blowing up.

Recently Entre-P teamed up with some of the talent in his network to release the ‘C.E.O.G.’ mixtape.  The 15 track record shows how hustling and the willingness to work hard can produce great results.  One of the first songs Entre-P wrote was the controversial ‘Quit Leechin’.  The simple but tremendously catchy beat worms its way into your head as Entre-P hits you with straight talk about a “dating” situation.  Watch the strong video for it here:

The big sound of ‘Home Run Hitta’ shows who is in control behind the mic.  The dark tone and group rapping will welcome those involved but put a fear into any competition.  The focus is on the lyrical flow on ‘Neapolitan Blunts’.  The scattering beat will get your attention but the true star is the freestyle here.  This looks to be the start of a very promising career for a hard working man.  Follow Entre-P at:

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