Fantino – Duo Creates Next Level Of Folk-Pop Sound

The stories of how musical groups met up and began their career together always intrigues me.  There have been millions of bands that got together and broke up just as fast but sometimes there is just this magic that happens when musical people meet.  It seems like the magic has happened with our latest discovery Fantino.


Based in San Diego, California, the duo is made up of singer-songwriters Marin Fantino and Vince Louis.  Originally together just to produce some of Marin’s music in the studio they soon realized that they were on the same wavelength and saw eye to eye on how music should sound.  Once they began playing as a team they saw the potential almost immediately.  The duo put out a folk-pop sound with much more than just the standard acoustic tone.  There seems to be many influences infused into a larger sound than anticipated.

We were able to get a listen to a few songs that have been released by Fantino as they record more and more together.  They may describe it best themselves as authentic | introspective | indie | folk | pop | duo.  The first track I heard was ‘If I Could Make Her (Into You)’  This starts as a piano ballad but builds into much more with a full soundscape and vocals that draw the listener in.  Fantino hits their stride on ‘How Sweet It Isn’t’, a mellow song with a beautiful melody highlighted by Marin’s unique voice.  It has a sort of smoky style that lets it be melancholy and uplifting from one moment to the next.  The duo get even larger on ‘Say It Now’ a seemingly dark song with a full sounding background that fills your ears.  The vocals meld powerfully with the strumming guitar minor chords to create a song that needs to be heard.  Go get a listen for yourself at:

And keep up with the duo at:

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