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Filmspeed Releases New Video for Upbeat Anthem “I Feel Alright”

Alongside the release of their debut album Hexadecimal, indie rock trio Filmspeed recently released the music video for their lead track “I Feel Alright.”

“I Feel Alright” is bright and energetic, and it serves as a great anthem of staying upbeat and not letting anything get you down.

Filmspeed describes themselves as “two parts Motown, one part Tinseltown, all parts moving.” With eclectic influences from new wave to grunge to pop rock, the band has an unmistakably intricate sound.

With a grooving bassline and a catchy hook, “I Feel Alright” is the perfect representation of the band and what they stand for, both in sound and in message.

The video itself is a casual visual of the band playing for their friends. This allows the music to speak for itself, not clouding its energy and meaning with complicated images and over-production.

Beyond creating anthems worth blasting and dancing along to, Filmspeed uses music as therapy, both for themselves and their audience.

“While we can’t guarantee the album will sell billions of copies, we can confidently say that it’s one of the most genuine records you’re likely to find this year. Every song comes from a real place, with details to spare, so if you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into, we’ve got ya covered,” said vocalist Craig Broomba of their new record.

Filmspeed “Lives for the Concert Stage”

Filmspeed is a band whose energy can only be truly captured live. They often speak of how they thrive on live music and performing their songs for audiences. The recent release of their album Hexadecimal will allow them to play more shows and spread their musical reach.

Leaving all of their passion and energy on the stage, Filmspeed always puts on an exciting show that has been referred to as “controlled chaos.” They want to focus more on live music and less on recordings and elaborate videos, bringing people to concerts and away from their phone screens.

“The age of live music is not dead,” bassist/guitarist Nick Stout said in an interview with OC Weekly. “There’s nothing that beats the experience of live music.”

Be sure to follow Filmspeed on Facebook to stay up to date on concerts and other news. Go here to purchase their new album Hexadecimal, out now via Awfully Good Records.

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