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FREDY SUTRISNO Shares Music From The Heart

Fredy Sutrisno is an emotive guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter from Cianjur City, Indonesia. Music has been a lifetime passion for Sutrisno and that passion is obvious in every track on his newest recording Music From The Heart. His sound is ultra melodic and leans heavily toward dramatic ballads and mid-tempo guitar pop. He does, however, crank up the intensity and get a little shreddy in the course of the album but without ever losing his yearning romanticism.
Sutrisno does photography by day and music by night, which makes for a very artistic lifestyle. He is an all-around creative and seems to put a lot of himself into everything he does. He did not provide credits for the album but the musicians on the songs are uniformly excellent and provide just the right backing each one requires. He does a powerful duet on Queen of My Heart” with female vocalist Syarah that is an obvious single and one of the record’s finest moments. Other high points include I Love You” and I Want You Back.” Some lyrics are in English and some are in Indonesian but the currents of love and heartbreak that run through these songs need little translation.
Fredy Sutrisno is an emerging talent in his part of the world and his mainstream melodic sound could probably find fertile soil anywhere it happens to land. He writes of the deep but common experiences that all people share, of life, love, and loss. His passionate approach to music is what draws fans to him and he is likely to be heard from on a larger scale in the future. Right now, Music From The Heart can only be listened to on YouTube but enough positive comments there and he might be persuaded to release this set worldwide.
    -Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist.

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