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Get In Front Of New Fans With Get-Gigs

As the world returns to normal after a 2 year pandemic fueled hiatus, live music will be very important once again. As venues are opening up their doors and planning their concert calendars there has been a mad rush for bands, booking agents, and promoters to connect and book great shows. A modern solution has popped up that will make this process much easier in the name of

As the year of 2022 began, the concert booking and show trading platform launched. The mission of is to transform the live music industry with an online community that simplifies the booking process for independent musicians, promoters, and venues. Any musician can relate to the often infuriating task of booking shows for your band. Random cold calling and mass emailing that often led to no response can slow down the mojo of any artist. There must be an easier way, right?

As websites and apps have developed, opportunities have arisen. Communities have also come together to help everyone involved achieve their goals collectively. Get-Gigs is the first booking community of its kind. It’s determined to transform the live music industry with its forward-thinking and disruptive booking solution. Get-Gigs offers free profiles, a filterable feed of currently available gigs, auto-generated promo flyers and booking agreements, social promo integration, community accountability features, and more to unite and simplify the live gig booking process for everybody involved.

What You Can Do With Get-Gigs

Upon diving in, you will see tons of opportunities for bands to fill open dates at venues and do gig-swaps to connect with other bands. Getting in front of new audiences will always be a necessary goal for artists trying to grow a career in music. Get-Gigs can offer a leg up to make this process easier. 

It was created by like-minded musicians who have experienced the same challenges. This gives a relatable feel that will keep evolving as the music industry evolves. Founder and CEO Damon Moreno says “As a longtime musician and artist manager, I was extremely passionate about greatly reducing booking friction for both musicians and promoters, and was determined to create a booking community with a filterable, real-time list of available gigs and opportunities, a place where like-minded users can connect, build their network, and reach their gig booking goals.” It seems like he is well on his way to doing this. 

Founder Damon Moreno (R) and co-founder and technical developer Christopher Potter (L) working on the platform at Get-Gigs HQ in California.

We recommend diving into and becoming part of the live music community as it rises from the troubles of the past couple years and becomes something even better than what it was. Check it out HERE.

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