FanHouse Launches New platform for Musicians

The music world continues to grow with hundreds of new artists, and thousands of new songs being added to streaming platforms daily. But as the amount of musical options grows, the fans are looking for something much smaller and personal. Fans can always find music to listen to but having a real connection with an […]

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Get In Front Of New Fans With Get-Gigs

As the world returns to normal after a 2 year pandemic fueled hiatus, live music will be very important once again. As venues are opening up their doors and planning their concert calendars there has been a mad rush for bands, booking agents, and promoters to connect and book great shows. A modern solution has […]

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The Evolution Of The Album Cover

As we move to a fully digital way of discovering music, a new technology has caught the eye of the music industry and the independent music makers recently.  The company TAD is in the middle of launching a campaign to push for ‘video album covers’ to be adopted across online music platforms.   TAD the […]