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Gigi Vega Asks “Watchu Tryna Do?”

With the speed of how something can go viral, an artist needs to be ready for sudden unforeseen success. Building up a solid foundation for when the views and followers start to come quickly is very important. It seems like our new find GiGi Vega was ready and keeps building with her most recent single and video for “Watchu Tryna Do?”

This emerging artist has built an array of talents. GiGi Vega is a songwriter, singer, and dancer. This has helped her gather a lot of attention since her debut single “Mistletoe Kiss” in December of 2020. The song quickly went viral on TikTok with over 10 million views to date. GiGi has grabbed onto this sudden fame and is providing fans with a stream of great content to keep them coming back. With inspiration from pop star legends such as Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Britney Spears, the rising star has a blueprint for major success.

On May 9th, GiGi Vega released an amazing lyric and dance music video for her single “Watchu Tryna Do?” It shows off her multi-talents in a way that you just can’t look away from. She was able to work with choreographer Roland Tabor to pair the perfect moves with her song. As the neon lights flash behind her, GiGi Vega’s sultry voice puts some heat in your heart as she is ‘only at the crib for you.’ 

Be sure to keep an eye on what GiGi Vega has in store next on her INSTAGRAM.

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