Greyce – A Beautiful Voice To Let Into Your Heart

We listen to new music all day here at Indie Band Guru but there seems to be a never ending supply of quality music now in the independent scene.  Luckily we have good friends with good ears that turn us on to talented artists.  The latest such find is Greyce from our connections overseas at OBS music.

The singer/songwriter from the UK has been building up great support over there.  Greyce has been in love with music since she was a pre-teen and put in the hard work to develop her voice and songwriting skills.  Her voice has a sincerity to it that makes every line seem as if she is singing it only to you.  Her latest release is the touching single “Missing You”.  Enjoy the video here:

The pretty piano line makes the listener let their guard down and their heart open to Greyce’s soft lyrics of letting go through the pain that is so hard to release.  The song will be on Greyce’s forthcoming compilation “The Piano Series”.

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