Hello Fiasco Helps us ‘Find The Shoreline’

As we grow as musicians it is always great to play music with other people. Our styles and talents will grow exponentially. Some other great things can come out of it too. Even brand new projects that end up being ‘super-groups.’ It seems that our recent discovery Hello Fiasco can fit this bill.

The Canadian-American based band is the result of former members of The Mailman’s Children teaming up with a variety of other Canadian artists to record. The results were a slew of high quality songs and the formation of Hello Fiasco. The 5-piece band is made up of frontman Eric LaBossiere (vocals), Joel Couture (bass), Joel Perreault (lead guitars/backing vocals), Ivan Burke (drums/backing vocals), and Guy Abraham (keys/Ableton/backing vocals). Together as Hello Fiasco they produce a strong pop-rock sound that is ready for the mainstream.

Official Video for ‘Hold Me Close’ by Hello Fiasco

To introduce themselves to the world, Hello Fiasco released their debut record Find The Shoreline on August 4th 2022. The 12 track record is a perfect introduction to the band. It features all you would expect from a well established mainstream band. Right from the opening piano chords of the opener “It Makes Sense” you know you are in for something big. The strong vocals paired with a straight ahead beat and harmonizing backing vocals makes for an anthemic feel. 

Hello Fiasco can also show off a softer side with “Before Time Leaves You.” The elegant ballad-like track drips with emotion as a smooth and elegant sound pours from the speakers. Sounds creep in and out to fill the full sonic space. Big sound from a mellow song. 

The big energy returns with “Gorgeous Girl” and its leading bass line. The catchy melody comes in and grabs the listener close. There is no escape from this earworm. I challenge you to not find yourself dancing along by the end of this one. They go in a slightly harder direction with “Chess” and its big beat. A little experimentation and strong vocals lead the way here and will keep your head bouncing along. Some epic drum fills make sure of that. More unique rock sounds can be heard on “One Phone Call” as well. 

Find The Shoreline comes to a close with the mellow “Trust.” Hello Fiasco lets us ease back into the real world with another emotion-filled track. Some interesting percussion keeps us engaged as the hurtful story is told. This band can truly take you in whatever direction they see fit.

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