Hollow Water – Taking The Time To Get It RIght

Completing a full-length album is a huge undertaking for any band.  There are so many things that can get in the way.  The biggest key is to keep pushing forward with your goal no matter what situations arise.  Our friends from Hollow Water are a great example of working hard to reach success.

The two-piece band hailing from Aberystwyth in Wales  is made up of keyboardist Alan Cookson and guitarist Huw Roberts.   Both men have been making instrumental music for a long while but never really hit their stride with a perfect musical partner until now.  Thier joint project Hollow Water takes on a bunch of different genres and mashes them all together to form something completely fresh and new.  There are elements of rock, blues, electronica, and progressive thrown into the mix.  

We had first heard some Hollow Water music last year when the guys were putting together tracks for an album.  The idea for the progressive rock concept album started back then but the realization of how hard this could be hit Hollow Water hard.  It took a while but hard work has finally paid off and the album Rainbow’s End is finally ready.  The 12 track record is just under 80 minutes long to allow the listener to get a full taste of everything.  The opener “Day In Day Out” sets the concept up with some TV viewing samples and street noises building up into a full on guitar show off song putting the talent right out in the open for all to hear.  There is a more atmospheric tone on “Rainbows Begin” with soaring keyboards setting the feel as the lyrics are delivered with a power that draws in the listener.  On “Trick Of The Light” multiple genres come together to really keep you guessing where the song will go.  This one demands multiple listens as the focus can be on each different style with each listen.  There is a faster-paced rock style on “Solar Beacon”.  Energy and power explode from the speakers here.  The album closes with “We Changed. The World Didn’t”.  This one is perhaps the most commercial friendly as the vocals lead the way along with some impressive harmonies.  The massive guitars are there to reminding everyone that the skills and talent of Hollow Water are tremendous.  

Keep up with news and the release of the record HERE.

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