Snir Yamin – Truly Emotional Songwriting

We here at Indie Band Guru continue to scour the world for great musical talents.  Luckily with the help of the internet and some friends with great taste, we are able to reach many parts of the globe that would have been inaccessible only 20 years ago.  Today we came across Snir Yamin and were amazed once again.

The singer and songwriter hails from Tel Aviv, Israel.  Not exactly around the corner but his music is just as relevant here in NYC.  The music of Snir Yamin blends in  the intimate elements of folk, the energy of rock, and the appeal of pop to create something for everyone.  The artist claims influence from such luminaries as Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and Elliott Smith.  There is obvious emotion shared in the music of Snir as he puts all his energy into the art of songwriting.  

Hear The Emotion Of Snir Yamin


The latest single by Snir Yamin “You And I” puts it all together into one track.  The song starts off dark and ominous with random street crowd sounds in the background.  The vocals draw the listener in with a sense of closeness.  I got a quick sense of the music of Dashboard Confessional with the emotion on the sleeve delivery.  There is a lot going on in the production with electronic sounds peppering the soundscape adding multiple layers to the music.  By the time you reach the end there is a sense of uplifting escape from the dark beginnings.

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