Hyde Out Has ‘Tunnel Vision’

If you’ve read my reviews before you know my love and appreciation for bands and artists who aren’t afraid to branch out and experiment with their music. Hyde Out has done this with their newest album Tunnel Vision

Hyde Out is an indie rock duo based out of London, United Kingdom. The duo is made up of Omar Merlo and Jaka Lestek. Merlo and Lestek have been rocking out in various groups across the globe for more than 20 years now and joined forces in 2018 to create Hyde Out. 

In November 2020, Hyde Out released their debut album Smoke and Mirrors which was very successful for the duo. “Alive” and “Smoke and Mirrors” were the standout tracks on the album, and “Smoke and Mirrors” found itself a semi-finalist in the 2021 International Song-writing Contest. 

What makes Hyde Out such a strong duo is their passion and love for diversity in music. I am a firm believer in not limiting yourself in life, especially when it comes to music and Hyde Out definitely hasn’t limited themselves. 

Hyde Out has a diverse line of genres and inspirations in their discography including anything from British alt-pop and American folk, to pop-rock, hard rock and more. 

Their newest album Tunnel Vision is their second studio-album and released on January 27, 2022. The album is a hard rock child of their experimentation and features 12 original songs, including their previously released singles “When The Winter Comes” and “Armchair Uprise.” The powerful lead track “Over This” will grab your attention as well.

Listen to Tunnel Vision Here:

I really enjoyed reviewing Tunnel Vision. If you’re a fan of hard rock songs that are longer than 3 minutes, then I think you should definitely check out Tunnel Vision

While I honestly liked all of the songs off the album, three songs that stood out to me were “When The Winter Comes”, Down In The Dumps”, and “Devil’s Child.” 

I think that this new hard rock experiment is a perfect and strong direction for Hyde Out, and I’m excited to see if they release any future projects in this genre. 

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