IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Kellindo

Being a creative artist means always being willing to keep exploring and changing. Even someone deeply ingrained into a musical culture can experiment to grow and create fresh new sounds. Our new friend Kellindo has been involved in music since his earliest memories and continues to gain attention with his unique style.

We had a chance to catch up with the multi-talented artist to get a little deeper into his past, present, and future. Enjoy the interview below:

First off,What is it that draws you to create music?

Kellindo – I want to bring something to the world that has never been done before I want to share ideas which can inspire people musically, melodically, and lyrically.

Describe your sound without any of the boring normal genre descriptions?

Kellindo – Is both melodic and energetic I like to bring multiple layers of flavors and sonic landscapes to my songs, and I like to build together a combination of all of my musical idols.

How do you think coming from a lineage of innovative musicians shaped your musical upbringing?

Kellindo – The first concert I ever went to was my uncle Maceo performing with Parliament Funkadelic so that immediately inspired me to want to perform in a rock funk atmosphere with thousands of fans screaming. I always wanted to be like my uncle touring the world recording on gold and platinum albums, and wearing cool uniforms outfits. 

What is your songwriting process? How does a Kellindo song come together?

Kellindo – There are varying ways of how I go through my songwriting process. One of which is I come up with an idea lyrically and then write that down in my notepad and refer to it later when needed. Another method is I’ll come up with a musical idea on guitar or the piano followed with a melody and lyrics.  Another merging is a song will find me in a dream where the whole song is written in the dream and I wake up and sing the idea to my voice memos on my iPhone. 

What do you hope the listener will take away from your music?

Kellindo – I want people to feel inspired by my music and my message. Moreover, I want them to feel enlightened. 

Additionally, I want them to be inspired by my story and by the way that I go about putting my story my music

Tell us about your new remix for “Sugar”.

Kellindo – It’s basically the same premise as the original version except we added an organic instrument played by Alex on the violin which adds much more energy in the human element to that song which I thought a greatly needed

There is also a very interesting music video for the song. Where did those ideas come from?

Kellindo – The song ‘Sugar’ is so luscious that it basically seduces the listener.

We hear a new EP is on the way. Can you give us a little sneak peek into what to expect?

Kellindo – Well, I will give you a little hint if you subscribe to my YouTube channel every now and then I post short excerpts of unreleased songs that will be on my soon to be released EP. 

Keep up with more from Kellindo on his WEBSITE.

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