The Lost Millions Destroy With ‘Pile Of Robots’

Sometimes situations come up where a band just needs a break. And sometimes a worldwide pandemic helps that break come along. Our recent discovery on The Lost Millions shows that oftentimes a break is what can really jumpstart new music. This spark can be seen on their new EP Pile Of Robots.

Based in Austin, Texas the band holds close to the city motto ‘Stay Weird.’ The Lost Millions never restricted themselves to staying within the genre lines. This has caught the attention of a growing fanbase since their 2017 debut album 101. A Psychedelic Stoner Rock sound has set them apart. After the follow up  EP Novellas Dantes in 2019, they kind of hit a wall and searched for a way to take their sound to a new level. 

After some searching, The Lost Millions decided that bringing in an outside producer may be just what they needed. Veteran engineer and producer Charles Godfrey (of Scary American Recordings) came on board and the fire started burning again. The result is their Pile Of Robots EP as the band prepares for their next full length album.

The 5 track EP launches with “Stuck In The Scene” to bring the alt rock energy right to the forefront. Big grinding guitars and a pounding beat bring it while the raw vocal delivery adds that angst that we can all relate to. The Lost Millions to the rescue.

Hear ‘Stuck In The Scene’ by The Lost Millions

The big deep bass vibe of “Kush” has a way of digging deep into the listener’s soul while the lyrics play with your slightly warped mind shredding what is left of sanity. To ease that mind The Lost Millions follows up with “My Phase.” The mellow and slower tone lets you settle back but the lyrical narrative will make your mind dive into the story being told. 

For the closer, the band shares their version of “Snakedriver” by The Jesus And Mary Chain. Originally known for appearing on the soundtrack to the cult classic ‘The Crow’ film from the 90s, this new version stays true to The Lost Millions sound grinding along with high-octane and an undertone that is ready to explode at any moment. Be ready.

Overall, Pile Of Robots is a stunning album from The Lost Millions. The band’s unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics make this album an essential listen for fans of alt rock and stoner rock. Hear more from the rising rock stars on their SOUNDCLOUD.

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