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IBG Interview – 7 Questions With… Tae GrOOze

As an artist, you must constantly be developing and moving forward. Our recent discovery Tae GrOOze has been developing his brand for years and he is only 25 years old. With his work ethic, good things will happen. We had a chance to chat with him about how he got to where he is and where he goes from here:


What made you decide to go with the moniker Tae GrOOve?

I decided to go with the name Tae GrOOve being I felt it was something that was more me. This stage name also served to me as a fresh start from my old label and management.


How would you describe your sound?

Description of my sound is somewhat hard due to I try to not copy anyone. I would say my sound is unique, bold, and smooth. I have my own sound and way of flowing over the beats.


You went to school for Audio Engineering. What pushed you to get in front of the mic instead of behind the scenes?

I used to sit in my room back in college and I would love to just record something so I could try to mix and master it. I liked messing with everything but then the further I grew into music I realized school wasn’t for me and music was.  I started getting more into what I was doing on the mic then school or engineering and that’s when I first found my true passion for music.


Which artists have been the biggest influence on you?

Some of my big influences are 2pac, Nas, big L, Blackstar, and many others from the old school era. Artist from the new era would be lil skies, jcole , Kendrick Lamar, juice wrld, Kanye West, Gambino, logic, wiz, Travis Scott, Mac Miller and many more.



How do you hope to connect with listeners of your music?

I hope they find something they can relate to and take from my music that’s where I hope to connect on a personal level. My music is pretty relatable and I feel if the song is not carrying a message then my goal is to provide a good feeling vibe through my musical waves.


What advice would you give to other artists finding their own path?

My advice for upcoming artist is to find your sound practice and perfect it then make sure you know what you want to achieve as an artist from your name to your brand to your music. This music has taught me that everything doesn’t happen overnight it’s a process that never stops.


What’s next on the agenda for Tae GrOOve? 

My next move is to get back to California and get some collabs done with some really creative dope artist such as Rift and Dax. I have a project I’m putting together and single I plan to have finished in next few months as well as new visuals. A lot of shows will be in the works for upcoming months. I want to start hammering out shows that would be something looking forward to in the future.


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