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There will always be more to a song when a band is willing to put their personal thought and feelings into it. That personal approach provides more for the listener to hold on and connect with. Our recent discovery The Finite Beings is building a career around that. They lay it all on the table for the fans to enjoy.

We caught up with the faith based alt-rock band for an even deeper look. Enjoy the interview here:

Very interesting band name! What is the story behind The Finite Beings?

Mike: It’s a name that represents who we are in this life. We are finite beings who serve an infinite God. I find it to be a very humble name and I think it compliments our sound and message very well.
Donny: We wanted a name that reflected who we are. We talk a lot about Theology and Philosophy in our songs so The Finite Beings seems like a cool nod to that.
Hunter: Michael and Donny came up with the band name way before I joined in 2019. Their music has always been deeply connected to their faith. My understanding of the concept is that a finite being is a “limited being” that cannot be self-sufficient or self-existent but must depend on an infinite being for the discovery of truth.

How would you describe the band’s sound to a first-time listener?

Mike: A big sound that has a lot of dynamics to it. We at times can be soft and intimate drawing the listener in. We also have moments of pure hard energy. Lots of intricate guitars, bass and drums, but with a tastefulness to it all.
Donny: Catchy melodies over hard Rockin’ riffs with intense drums and groovin’ bass.
Hunter: Each of us brings our own unique musical tastes to the group, and when we collaborate, we get “The Finite Beings” sound. Our music is very alternative and grunge rock inspired. Lyrically, we like to explore hopeful themes that leave the listener feeling like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Which bands have had the biggest influence on The Finite Beings?

Mike: The three of us have a wide range of musical influences. I think that the way we get our unique sound is by blending our different styles. For me, some of my biggest influences have been Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, A Perfect Circle and Audio Slave.
Donny: Each member has their own influences, but we definitely draw a lot from Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Metallica
Hunter: Michael and Donny have really sculpted the band’s sound over the years before I joined. We all share a passion for early classic rock and pop from the 1960’s and 1970’s, which I think establishes a foundation for our sound. When I came on board in 2019, I saw the opportunity to use my pop production ear to take the band on an exploratory journey with me.

Tell us about your latest single “Hope Is Sleeping In Grace’s Arms”

Mike: My daughters name is Hope and my niece is Grace. I simply asked my wife one night, Where is Hope? She said, “Hope is sleeping in Grace’s arms.” I thought at that moment, what an awesome symbolic statement. I built the entire song around that line. I share my personal struggles and trials in life and tie it all together with that line. Its a reminder that we can rest in the hands of an all loving and powerful God no matter what we face in life. So Hope and Grace are people but also represent and symbolize a much bigger picture.
Donny: This song is about how we can only find hope through Christ’s grace. It’s a great reminder to believers, and a good witness for those who are living without hope.
Hunter: The new single is about overcoming challenges or whatever life throws at you. The song is meant to inspire self-reflection. Also Michael’s daughter is named Hope and his niece is named Grace.

What does the bands songwriting process look like?

Mike: For the last several singles the songwriting process either starts with a melody or lyric idea that I put to an acoustic guitar. Later I bring that to Donny and Hunter who take that raw idea to another level. Other times, Donny or Hunter come up with a great riff that I put lyrics and melody to afterwards. Once we have the foundation we usually all put our minds together and build around it.
Donny: Either Mike writes a song on acoustic, like the latest single, or Donny or Hunter comes up with a riff and Mike writes something over it. Once the ground roots of the song is done we usually get the rest of song done pretty fast. Parts come quickly.
Hunter: Our music process usually starts with an acoustic guitar riff or song lyrics. We like to make the song sound as heavy as possible on an acoustic guitar before we start adding in production layers. Then once we have the lyrics and arrangement, we experiment with sound synthesis and soundscape.

What do you hope the listener takes away from The Finite Beings music?

Mike: I hope that our music resonates with the listener and connects with them in a deep way. I write about a lot of heavy stuff and our music is an atmosphere that holds it all. Whether the listener likes it or not, I hope they can see that we are trying to do something unique and different with our genre of music.
Donny: I think our band is a great witness for Jesus and the gospel. It allows people to think deeply about issues while listening to really cool music.
Hunter: We hope our music inspires our listeners on their journey through life. All three of us really enjoy making music together and we hope other people can connect with it.

Your music always captures a sense of a journey being taken, is this a conscious decision or just naturally how you write?

Mike: I would say it is both. When I came to the realization that this life is a journey and that there is purpose in it, I wanted to take the listener on that journey with me.
Donny: I think for Mike it’s a little bit of both. I think by now the journey writing is second nature.
Hunter: Everyone has challenges in their lives and we feel this connects each of us with each other. Growth happens when we face challenges.

There is a book available on the band’s website called Imaginary Things, can you tell us a bit about this book?

Mike: Sure, this book is a memoir I wrote about my struggle with Schizophrenia in my early 20s. It shares about my journey in pressing forward and battling this illness, which ultimately led me to my faith in Jesus Christ.
Donny: This is a great book about Mike’s experience with schizophrenia and his path to Christ.
Hunter: Michael wrote the book himself about his personal journey.

If you could tour with three bands which bands would you choose to take with you on the road?

Mike: Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains and A Perfect Circle.
We would be the opening act lol.
Donny: Well none of these bands sound like us, but my favorite current bands/artists are Metric, Damien Rice and Christian Lee Hutson.
Hunter: Three Days Grace, Blacktop Mojo, and Ozzy Osbourne.

With three very impressive singles already, what does the future hold in store for The Finite Beings?

Mike: We are currently in the studio working on our next single which is titled, “Time Slave.” If I were to describe this song, I would say it is imaginative and out there. Def a song that puts our creativity to the limits. Looking forward to sharing that with all of you in the new year!
Donny: We’ve got another track we should be finishing shortly. We recorded it a while ago and never finished it. It’s called Time Slave. It’s very different from what we’ve put out in the last couple of years. It’s more similar to some of our earlier work. There’s a crazy solo at the end that I think people will love.
Hunter: We are back in the studio working on a new single currently, which we hope to release soon.

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