Jef Joslin – Creating “Sunshine” For All

The best way for an artist to connect with the listener is to open up and share experiences and feelings through their music.  Fans want to feel like they have an inside look into the mind of the artist and sometimes put themselves right in the artist shoes, even if it is to live vicariously.  Our recent discovery Jef Joslin has learned to let us in and build that camaraderie.

The singer-songwriter originally hails from the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee but has since fulfilled his dream of moving out to Los Angeles, California to move his career forward.  A taste of his southern roots remain in the sound of Jef Joslin but with a West Coast feel.  He blends the writing influence of James Taylor with the soul and groove of Stevie Wonder and the free-living lifestyle of Brian Wilson to craft a sound that appeals to many tastes.  

Now that Jef Joslin is in the entertainment capital of the world, he has explored more aspects of his talent such as an artist, producer, songwriter, and film & tv composer in addition to projects as an actor and model.  He his fit in very nicely to his new home.  

Jef Joslin Opens Up His Life In Song

His latest release 30 is his 3rd full-length album in the last 3 years.  This one dives into the personal life of a 30 year old father, husband, and artist, pursuing love and purpose in the midst of a tumultuous world.  


The lead single is titled “Sunshine”.  If a song could ever be exactly like its title, this is it.  The track spreads a positivity throughout even though there are haters out there trying to bring the singer down.  The vocals will creep into your mind putting a smile on your face before you know it.  The minimalistic piano line chugs along making you sure than everything will be OK in the end.  

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