Silk Drop – Collaboration Creates Full Sonic Tapestry

For a solo artist to advance their skills and musical expression they must be willing and able to collaborate with a multitude of other artists.  This sharing of experiences and talents helps everyone involved.  The more you experiment, the more original you can be.  Sometimes these collaborations can produce amazing music that each artist could never have created on their own.  A great example of this is our recent find Silk Drop.

This project is the pairing of beat wizard Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous, and Vocalist Heather Christie.  The result is a genre-bending lush soundscape that is Silk Drop.  It that blends the pop aesthetic with EDM, Trap, and R&B styles.  Something completely original and fresh.  

Isaac Cotec started making electronic based music in the summer of 2005 with his project Subaqueous. His music can be found on the dance floor of transformational festivals, ecstatic dances, and fusion dance all over the west coast USA and the world.

Heather Christie’s professional training began at age 9 with a vocal education ranging from classical  and jazz choir to singing competitions and Broadway shows.  Her soulful voice has set her apart.

Music For The Body And Soul by Silk Drop



On May 10th Silk Drop released their latest single “Paradise”.  The full sonic landscape is filled with sound drawing in from exotic electro to classical violin.  The sultry vocals create a sexy downtempo vibe that seems to instantly relax the body and mind.  The picture of a dark and elegant lounge is painted in my mind, populated with the most beautiful people.  Sounds like a place anyone would want to venture into.  

Take the dive for yourself at:


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