John Powers – Elegant NYC Folk With Stories To Tell

Sometimes you find an artist that seems to fit perfectly in the mold of their genre.  The look matches, the voice matches, and the feel just matches.  These artists fit even better when they are located in the perfect scene for their sound and have the venues to share it with eager listeners.  One artist that fits this description is our latest find John Powers.

John Powers is a folk singer/songwriter based in New York City.  He prides himself on writing elegant stories and turning them into song with his acoustic guitar.  He has accomplished this and captures an audience’s attention when he sits down to perform.  John was a staple at the legendary NYC folk music venue Banjo Jim’s.  He tells the story of getting the chance to play there on the last night that they were ever open.  A piece of John was lost along with that place but he carries on with his trusty tres pinos guitar with the cedar top, handmade in Mexico, that he rescued from a life as a cheap movie prop.

Recently John Powers released his full length album Been Around.  The 12 track record is a collection of soft and heartwarming music that will put you in a relaxed mood just by listening to it.  The title track ‘Been Around’ is considered John’s calling card.  He opens every show with it as it tells the story of what he is all about.  It was the first song he wrote for the record and he used it as a guide for everything that followed.  He tickles the strings gently and uses his somewhat raspy voice very eloquently to share the story.  Somehow the song seems to reach inside your soul and bring it to a better place.  John stretches out his sound on songs such as ‘You Can’t Go Back’ and ‘Follow The Call’.  It is impressive how just one voice and an acoustic guitar can create such a subtle yet full sound.  The record is available on all the major online retailers and can be heard on Spotify as well.

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