Journos Shares their Voice on ‘In The Key Of WTF’

When a new musical spark is needed, there are few better answers than a collaboration. Each artist has specific and different talents to add. Combining these can often result in magic. The latest such team up we came across is the new project Journos.

The charismatic and compelling duo is made up of award-winning journalist/lyricist Bryan Russo and prolific punk-rocker Ryan Abbott. Together as Journos they create songs that catch your attention not only with their catchy melodies but also telling wordplay. No pushes are pulled on either side. With both artists having plenty of experience both writing and performing, there were plenty of skills to bring to the table. 

Now ready to share what they have been doing, Journos recently released their debut full-length album In the Key of WTF. The 11-track record (including a bonus track) is perfect for those that can listen intently to both words and music. 

The album opens fittingly with “The Opener.” A mellow minimalistic piano starts it off with the vocals coming in to start the buildup. The tempo picks up as more instruments add their own layers. An impressive guitar solo is even sprinkled in there. The pace keeps picking up with “Something Worth Feeling Again.” A steady drum beat is punctuated with classic sounding guitar tones to keep it flowing and draw in the listener. 

Let Journos Help Clean The ‘Dirty Money’

A bluesy and funky side is shown on “Dirty Money” with its interesting sonic structure. The raw sounding drums, handclaps, and group vocals welcome everyone to join in and become part of the song. Diving into the vocals lets us hear that Journos has plenty to say about what is going on in our world. The point is delivered with enough wit to get the point across without preaching.

The smooth bassline of “What A Time To Be Alive” shows even more diverse abilities from the band. There is a blues base here but plenty of other touches to keep us guessing where Journos will take us next. We don’t know where, but it will be fun. 

“Nostalgia” is a true songwriter’s song with a lyrical story we can all relate to bringing back those memories of strange times. More great guitar work is featured here as well giving way to piano-fueled verses to continue changing up to grab attention. Powerful track in both melody and words.

An ode to music critics and their guidance is featured on “Lester Bangs.” The stripped down acoustic led track lets the focus be on the amazing way that Bryan Russo has with words. An almost country-blues feel just ties it all together so well. The album closes with the bonus track “Mr. Tindley” and its innovative beat structure. Multiple layers and instruments add on to fill out the full room with a warm yet big sound. We are all in this together but Journos is willing to be our voice.

Learn more about Journos and see where they will take us next on their WEBSITE.

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