Juan Sánchez Grants Us A ‘Rebirth’

Music creators will run into much self-doubt in their journey. The process of crafting sounds from scratch as a solo performer is even more difficult. There is no one to really bounce your ideas of. This often leads to questioning if what you are doing is worthwhile to the masses. When you are able to break through that and realize that music can find an audience of like-minded individuals you become free. Our recent discovery Juan Sánchez took some time to get to this point but has now fully reached the pinnacle with his Rebirth.

The composer and pianist from Spain has found the true beauty of music with his own unique flavor. Juan Sánchez first started with piano lessons at the conservatoire when he was 14. A passion for music was built quickly and Juan dove into creating as much music as he could. From playing keyboard for an assortment of bands in the late 1980s and 1990s to studying music technology in London to now creating amazing instrumental ambient electronic music. 

Unfortunately, Juan Sánchez lacked confidence in his skills and the confidence that his new-age musical style had an audience. This all changed when he discovered the music of ambient artists Max Richter and Ludovico Einaudi. This was the motivation he needed to truly pursue his passion and has had much positive feedback since to keep that passion flowing. 

Belief In Himself Gave Us ‘Rebirth’ by Juan Sánchez

Last month Juan Sánchez released his full-length instrumental Rebirth album to the world. The 9 track record is a truly elegant and beautiful piece of art. The opening title track sets the tone of masterful piano overlayed with ambient sounds that seem to reach deep inside the listener’s soul. The slowed-down pace of “Headed To Dreamland” lends itself well to the title. Your mind will reach a state of pure relaxation allowing just your deepest thoughts to shine through. 

Juan Sánchez strips back the production on “Beautiful Rose”. This is a solo piano piece that offers a real appreciation for the instrument. He goes the other way on “Arctic Solitude” with a full assortment of instruments filling the sonic space of your speakers. The rises and falls keep the mind’s attention focused on the track. 

For the closer “Silent Tears” there is a slightly darker vibe that stirs up all kinds of emotions. It is rare that a piece of instrumental music can create these kinds of feelings in an individual listener. Juan Sánchez has found a way to live his best life while hopefully affecting the listener to live theirs as well. 

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